MOE Lead State Agency Designation: Example GR Letters

From: Russ Martin
Sent: June 7, 2017
Subject: MOE Lead State Agency Designation: Example GR Letters

GHSA Members,
For the FY 2018 HSP, NHTSA requires Governors’ Representatives (GRs) to designate lead state agencies for Section 405 Maintenance of Effort (MOE) purposes. GRs must consider “state expenditures, program involvement, and leadership” when considering lead state agency designations. Designations will be subject to review by NHTSA regional offices and must be submitted in advance of the HSP in writing with a brief rationale.
To help prepare you for this process, attached are two example letters sent by the Colorado and Maine GRs to their respective regional offices. The letters are also saved on GHSA’s Members Only site.