Congress Introduces FY 2017 Omnibus Appropriations Bill

From: Russ Martin
Sent: May 1, 2017
Subject: Congress Introduces FY 2017 Omnibus Appropriations Bill

GHSA Members,
The House and Senate Appropriations Committees have released the text of an FY 2017 omnibus appropriations bill, and Congress has one week to approve it before the next Continuing Resolution (CR) expires on Friday at midnight. 
The full text of the 1,665 page bill is here. Of interest to states, the bill funds the Highway Traffic Safety Program at fully authorized levels for 2017 under the FAST Act.  For the rest of the fiscal year, NHTSA may spend up to:

  • $585.372M total for Highway Traffic Safety Grants, which includes:
    • ?$252.3M for Highway Safety Programs (Section 402)
    • $277.5M for National Priority Safety Programs (Section 405)
    • ?$29.5M for High Visibility Enforcement Programs (Section 404)
    • $26.072M for Administrative Expenses

The bill authorizes $5.494M for DADSS research, includes recurring language prohibiting the use of federal funds for NHTSA’s National Roadside Survey, and a new provision banning the use of federal funds to mandate GPS tracking in private passenger vehicles without the consideration of privacy concerns.
The bipartisan budget deal, struck just last night, boosts popular programs and avoids contentious issues. The bill includes a $25 billion increase in defense spending and $1.5 billion in new border security spending, but no new funding for a border wall and omits discretionary program cuts requested by the White House.
The House Rules Committee is scheduled to meet at 3pm tomorrow to begin the bill’s legislative consideration. 
Russ Martin
Director of Government Relations
Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA)
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